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Genesis 1.8 – 9

“And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.

“And God said, ‘Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place,

and let the dry land appear:’ and it was so.”

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“There are times when nothing a man can say

is nearly so powerful as saying nothing.”

– Bruce Barton, from his book, The Man Nobody Knows

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Details are important!  If a man’s shirt has half-a-dozen holes – That’s bad.

If those are buttonholes – That’s good.  Listen for details.  

– eab, 11/9/09

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Today the old soldier goes to rest

Slipped gently in earth’s pocketed vest

And the world in useless business of years

Will not notice nor care for the saint’s soft tears

Robb French is dead.


He pastored and plead with his church

Preached mightily from many a camp “perch”

He prayed and believed, believed and prayed

Until God came, until God stayed

But today Robb French is dead


A camp in southern peripheral land

Swamp and pine and palmetto and sand

And from that camp a school did grow

Zooks and Frenches the “seed” did sow

Now the giant French is dead


In pick-up truck, he and his wife

Geraldine, she was, other half of his life

Traveled the circuit, delivering the Word

Revival and Rapture–that’s what you heard

Before the revivalist French was dead.

– eab,   Jan. ‘85

[1] Brother French 12/26/1891-1/24/1985 was the most Godly man I’ve known. Privileged to have been in a few Saturday prayer meetings at cottage and sought his advice. Many men have my respect but he stands above all.

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Suicide is going

to be more accepted in the world. The worldly church will become more accepting of suicide. Suicide is sin. It is the last sin the one killing himself can commit. As more people live longer there may be a campaign (yes, even in “Christian” America) for you to “volunteer to die.”

This could be “packaged” as a patriot thing – to 1) Save money 2) Allow nursing facilities to help younger/healthier patients (instead of you) 3) who knows what other socialistic slant. Never, never give in to satan’s argument for suicide. If you are ready to die (regenerated and purified from the carnal nature) you patiently hold your ground against this super-evil suggestion.

If some state nurse or state doctor kills you they (if they truly repent) may/can be forgiven.   If you kill yourself you cannot be forgiven.  

– eab, 9/22/09

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