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Genesis 1.17 – 18

“And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth,

“And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and

God saw that it was good.”

> God didn’t say “That will do,” nor “Not too bad.” – He saw it as good! <

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“Eloquence…the speech of one who knows what he is talking about and

means what he is saying—it is thought on fire.”

– William J Bryan, from his book, In His Image

> With this definition, every holiness preacher SHOULD be eloquent. <<

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God Understands

God understands every language in every cordillera of the world.

He understands every dialect in every valley and every wordless groan. (He even understand your “tone.”)

So friend, talk to Him. Talk to Him as you would your dearest Friend – that is exactly Who He is.

– eab, 12/31/15

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I love you Lord Jesus, I love you fine Lord

Who can cause selfish followers have accord,

(“See eye to eye?” – Didn’t say that

Some still wore a color or a strange little hat)

But heart-wise they stood united at last,

Divisions o’er power and popularity past,

Each loved his sister and loved his brother,

Preferring the glory be shared with another,

Pride had all vanished, blown away by the “Wind”

That hearty and heavenly one You did send.

Love was now uppermost in the upper room,

Joy was abundant, gone was all gloom.

Peace You gave unto them, Peace by-the-pail,

And along came longsuffering, that never did fail,

Rough fishermen and a rougher collector of money.

Became gentle in heart, and sweeter than honey.

Your boundless and beautiful goodness you lent them,

It stood good that day and wherever You sent them,

And faith O such faith as only You could impart,      

You poured in faith here, and faith there, at the start,

And as they used it You supplied faith the more,

There was faith to raise the dead, faith to implore,

And twenty hundred years away from that great day,

Faith is still available – Help me Lord I pray.

– eab, Jan. ’03 (part of a longer work)

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Sinners can become Saints

Every Saint you know is a past sinner.

(Saint remember – when viewing a sinner – what you once were.)

Every sinner you know is a potential Saint.

(Sinner – satan is lying when he says you can’t be saved.)

– eab, 1/5/15


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