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Genesis 1.18-19

“And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good.

“And the evening and the morning were the fourth day.”

> > Reminder: earth made day three, therefore impossible to have spun from the sun. <<

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Bunyan quote

“He…that hath his portion first must needs have a time to spend it;

he that hath his portion last must have it lastingly.”

– John Bunyan,  Pilgrim’s Progress

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A Book?

A book? It is the author “in miniature,” sitting patiently on your shelf,

waiting to walk and talk his way down a pathway of your mind.

– eab, 1/16/16

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Thank you Lord for the Night:

To slow down and sleep

To the home-fires keep

With Ewe and “little sheep.”


Thank you Lord for the Morn:

To throw-back, make the sheet

For breakfast to eat

For shoes for the feet


Thank you Lord for the Noon:

For strength to work till then

For work of hammer or pen

For corn gathered in the bin


Thank you Lord for the “Tardes”

For warmth in winter’s sun

For “game” from rod and gun

For labor almost run


Thank you Lord for the Even:

For the ceasing to roam

For the walk toward home

For the evening’s gloam.


And if there is a time I’ve forgotten,

Please don’t think me “rotten,”

‘Cause I love life and love all your days,

Broken up in hourly ways – all Praise!

– eab, 1/19/06

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The devil must be “having a ball.”

Millions of earthlings play with (fuss over) baseballs, basketballs, bowling balls, footballs, golf balls,

pool balls, racket balls, soccer balls, softballs, tennis balls, volleyballs season after season and

pay no attention to the greatest contest; that contest between Christ and satan for THEIR souls.

WAKE UP. Your soul is worth sooooo more than all the scores, of all the seasons, of all the “sports” combined!

– eab, 1/19/16

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