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Genesis 1.22-23

“And God blessed them, saying, ‘Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth.’

“And the evening and the morning were the fifth day.”


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“The Shunammite woman didn’t say, ‘I perceive that this is a famous man of God,

or popular, or brilliant, or successful man of God.’

She said a ‘holy’ man of God.”

– Vance Havner, from his book, On This Rock

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* Personal on Divorce and Remarriage *

I would not knowingly perform a ceremony for a man with another living wife,

nor a woman with another living husband – – – not for a $1,000,000 (or a $1,000,000,000).  

– eab, 5/7/13

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Uncommon Hill

History’s most famous land is an Uncommon Hill;

It’s the hill upon which the Savoir died,

Pierced by thorn, cruelly crucified.

History is a series of events,

Random, some seem, full of dings and dents,

Brilliant or scarred, free or barred

Filling all the past [history fills ALL the past].

History also has to have its land,

On which acts start, and then expand.

Events all pass – the land lasts.

History plays out in real valley and hill,

By river’s bend, by bays, as tides fill.

History did not act out in thin air;

History takes place on dirt and sod,

Some of it for, some against God.

All of history took place on land,

On rocky rise, on stretches of sand.

History fills time’s line completely full,

Ethereal-like, exciting or more dull.

Real history covers slopes and scarps,

Little knolls, rolling plains, hills and sharps.

The greatest history took place on an Uncommon Hill.

– eab, 1/23/11

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Waste Not

A body is an awful thing to waste –

waste on drugs, dispassion, and unnatural disease.  Don’t.

A mind is a sad thing to waste – waste on facts which matter for a lifetime and then become trivia.  Don’t.

A soul is unbelievably the worst thing (the real you) to waste – waste on yourself (as a god), when your soul could have been devoted to the true and only God now – and – then you could have enjoyed Him for ever.

– eab, 7/11/13

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