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Genesis 1.25

“And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and

every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.”

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Havner quote


“Nothing confirms evil men in their course more

than the backsliding of the righteous.”

– Vance Havner, from his book, On This Rock

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For Moses (in the Pentateuch) to have argued for (i.e. been an “apologist”) the existence of God,

might not only have been considered irreverent, it could have been considered irrelevant.  

– eab, 11/22/11

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Jesus is the WAY

This applies to our everyday

Up hill and down

Mid smiles, the occasional frown

Always take His Way.


Jesus is the TRUTH

Applies to you and Moabitish Ruth

Across millennia and tired miles

In spite of lying “bits” and files

Let Him be your Truth.


Jesus is LIFE

Applies to beyond present struggles and strife

Be brave

There IS life beyond the grave

True for Adam, true for you

Live His Life.

– eab, Jan. 2015

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“Build thee an ark”…Noah got out his Lincoln welder…

Noah looked up ark up on the internet…

No internet? Noah went to the library…No library? Noah went to his neighbor and copied his boat.

Only one place to get the pattern; that was from above!

“You expect me to build – what do I know?” “What will my wife say?” “What will my neighbors say?”

“Lord, do you have any idea how long this will take?” “You expect me to spend 100 yrs.”

“How long will I use it?” “One year?!?” DOES PART OF THIS SOUND LIKE US?

– eab, Sep. 2011

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