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Genesis 1.27

“So God created man in his own image,

in the image of God created he him;

male and female created he them.”

Evolutionists & pushers of “transgender” will fail – God will win!

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J Swift quote

“…I am persuaded that the translators of the Bible were masters of an English style

much fitter for that work than any we see in our present writings.”

– Jonathan Swift [whom I do not usually quote],

in Gilchrist Lawson’s Greatest Thoughts About the Bible

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It could be said of every accountable person on earth, “They’re a believer.”

They either believe the Honest God of Heaven and His promises OR they believe His lying enemy.

If satan lied to Eve, what makes you think he’s not lying to you?

And I promise you, every soul in Heaven AND hell now believes in the Awesome God of Heaven.

– eab, 1/27/16

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A few more bends on the blue river,

A few more curves in the sandy road,

A few more items to deliver,

A few more miles to carry the load.


And God will call us to be with Him,

Upward without feather, wing, or plane,

Where no one’s days are slightly dim,

And actions are always blessed and sane.


So be faithful to today’s tough task.

Work in the growing, gathering gloom.

Do diligently what Christ has ask.

Heaven will be one glorious home!

– eab, 1/26/09

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Mom was a saint (or Dad or both).

You have no doubt she’s in heaven. Y et you decided to NOT live like Mom.  To hear you talk, you’re going to heaven.  Mom didn’t approve of your change.

If a godly Mom does not approve, probably God Himself does not.  Do you seriously think God has a double standard?  Eh?

You, self-willed soul, need to answer that question.

– eab, 1/27/16

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