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Genesis 2.1

“Thus the heavens and the earth were finished,

and all the host of them.”


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Lincoln Quote

“I am nothing,

truth is everything.”

- A. Lincoln, (exact source unknown)

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Enyart Connection

Little Blue River Friends Meeting between Rushville and Morristown, IN, is a church in the roots of the Enyart family. John and I met at God’s Bible School when I was 17. He was the first Quaker I ever met and he wrote three part harmony and timing to some of my first songs. This same country church is in the roots of Linda Burton Scarbrough (married Martha’s brother, Carson). She and Enyarts are “shirt-tail” relations.

– 2/1/16  

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While on a walk down a deserted track,

Pursuing so far and about to turn back,

My eyes beheld in the midst of a field,

A scene, that to my mind did yield,

Visions of days long passed, of yore,

Imagination supplied the details of before.


Gone are the boys who slid the stair rail,

The man who returned with the ivory-brimmed pail.

Gone are the boys who read by the fire,

Pumping answers from their reading sire.

Gone is the fair miss, whose smile was near heaven,

The mother whose bread was fluffy with leaven.


And gone is the bride from this portal, to her own,

Light heartily laughing, a lady full grown.

Gone are the moments of sorrow and pain,

As are the blissful hours of lawful gain.

Gone are the moments of twinkle and mirth,

Shared by mortals who’ve passed from this earth.


The candle lights the study nevermore.

The flickering flames dance not on the floor.

The wood is decayed – the wall is rent,

The windows are gone, the roof is bent.

The shell of a house lies cold in the sun,

Its usefulness over, its story all run.


And only the mind sees the scenes of the past,

Realizing that memories alone will last.    

– eab, Feb ‘79

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Collect Truth

Collect Truth

Was back yesterday to Little Blue River Friends Meeting. Praise God for His help. Introduction was “collections.” I urged to

I. Start a Truth Collection informed there were      II. Many “truths” (not all same value) told them

III. Your attitude @ truth tells a lot about you, gave      IV. THREE reasons Truth should appeals to us:

A) “Ye shall know the truth & the truth shall make you free” Joh 8.32,

B) “They received not the love of the truth that they might be saved” 2Th 2.10,

C) Christ said “I am the Way, the Truth, & the Life…” Joh 14.6.

Conclusion “Truth & “tolerance,” defined by liberals, are on a collision course.” “Truth cannot applaud falsehood & still be Truth.”

– 2/1/16

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