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Genesis 2.3

“And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it:

because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.”

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Mather quote

“Tis by our quarrels

that we spoil our prayers.”

– Cotton Mather, (exact source unknown)

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If the most attractive thing about you is your body (male or female) you are to be pitied.

Develop your mind into a thing of beauty. Ask God to help you grow into a lovely soul.

(Bodies wrinkle/sag but a soul can/should become more vigorous with age.)

– eab, 1/30/16

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If tomorrow were the last of days,

The entrance of the eternal phase,

The beginning of condemnation or praise.

How would you spend today?


If tomorrow saw the flight of health,

Or by dusk’s light the loss of all wealth.

Coming quite aware or all by stealth.

How would you spend today?


If tomorrow your goals were lost to sight,

Your plans so great, plunged into night,

Never again to have hope or light.

How would you spend today?


Or – if tomorrow you were blind or lame,

And you were not ever to be the same,

Or – if tomorrow morning never came.

How would you spend today?

– eab, Feb. 2005

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Shine, Saint, Shine!

As the US, yea the world, darkens

(most any category you care to delineate) Light becomes more attractive. The devil would like us smother in gloom. Don’t.

Christians are not blind optimists, we can see the smog, we can sense the impending “doom” but we’ve chosen to follow the Light of Christ & in so doing we ourselves become little lights. S

top (as much as lies within you) reminding yourself & others about obvious darkness. A nearly hopeless world NEEDS the Light as never before.

Shine, Saint, Shine!

– eab, 2/3/16

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