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Genesis 2.15

“And the LORD God took the man, and

put him into the garden of Eden

to dress it and to keep it.”

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V O Agan quote

“If you reject truth and

won’t believe the truth

what else [can] you believe but a lie?”

– V O Agan, message, 2/12/98

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Culture: We can choose to lead and help form it.

Or we can choose to opposite and try to reform it.

Or if we’re ignorant (caught up in bread & circuses), we can complacently flow down stream with it

to our destruction.  

– eab, 2/7/16

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E. E. E.

For centuries paper and ink,

Have been a blessing, or have caused a “stink.”

We’ve not failed to use those two,

Because the devil used them too.

Now the blog, email – the “eWord”

Are new ways to share God’s Sword.

Media has caused a change,

Evangelism has a greater range.

– eab, 2/14/13

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Just returned from a very nice weekend

with our two daughters, their husbands, & their 10 children in Cincy. Laura’s Daryl & I share a birth date & this was one of several times God’s allowed us to share a BD get-together. Martha & I attended Christian Nation Church with both families on the AM. The Lord blessed Sharon Hutchinson as she sang; several “took liberty” to walk, shout, or raise their hands in praise. Assoc. Pastor Pilmore’s message reminded of our need of God’s daily bread. I always enjoy the services & the fellowship there. If you live within 40 (or so) min. drive of Eisenhart’s church consider attending there. Laura invited the Dickinsons over for a delicious leg-o-lamb meal complete with mashed potatoes/gravy, asparagus, carrots, two kinds of salad, home-made rolls, & cake (part of which was supplied by Heather). The fellowship with these to loving and lovely families was lengthened by the Lord sending beautiful snow & therefore no evening service.

Thank God for His Family Plan – Martha & I are so blessed. Wonderful!  

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