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Matthew 5. 9 -10

“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

“Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

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Ken Rice quote

“Holy Ghost will only honor testimony

where He is extolled higher than the testifier.”

– Ken Rice, message, 8/26/91

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Saints or sinners can ask favors of God. (Millions have, perhaps “atheists” when a sudden crisis caught them “off-guard.” J) But only saints know what it is to Rejoice and to be Over-Joyed in His presence. Therefore only saints will love heaven; it will be timeless Rejoicing in the presence of our Redeemer.


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If we could have been there “Creation Morn,”

When God (I speak reverently) played in dirt,

And glimpsed His pleasure in making man,

(And seen His grimace at thoughts of hurt).


If we could’ve watched Him lattice the heavens

With a trillion stars at a splash,

And felt Him harness ‘lectric lightning,

Giving it, its sizzle and flash,


If we could have stood by in wonder,

As He “finished” the peacock’s tail,

And sensed His majestic power

When He first “invented” hail.


If we could have seen – from freckled feather,

To the smallest azure lagoon,

We’d have seen Him “step back,” with pleasure,

Gently signing it all “Triune!”    

– eab, Mar. ’95, Oelrichs, SD

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You, sinner Friend,

can be part of the greatest Kingdom on earth. It has hidden Power now and will have fabulous Power-on-display in the future. It has unrecognized Prestige at present but its coming Prestige will be totally unrivaled in all history. God’s Kingdom has Positions open in the departments of “praise” and “intercessory prayer.” In the near future the generous King offers a Position with Him on His throne (Rev 3.21). Get out of satan’s kingdom – it’ll soon be ashes. The devil lost his place in heaven; he doesn’t want YOU to enjoy what he lost. Come. Change Kingdoms today; become (by faith) a child of God.


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