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The Word

Proverbs 1. 1 – 2

“The proverbs of Solomon, the son of David, king of Israel;

“To know wisdom and instruction; to perceive the words of understanding;”

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“God does not want partnership with us

but ownership of us.”

– Leonard Ravenhill, from his book Why Revival Tarries


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Many postings have -eab, showing they’re not from someone else (to whom I failed to give credit). Please understand if you consider the post Good, you should Give God Glory (4 G’s). If you judged it Bad you may Blame Bryan (3 B’s).

Most of the time there’s a date. Decades ago I started carrying a “pocket pal” or that type of weekly pad in suit/shirt pocket and writing down ideas (day or night) as they came. I have encouraged others, and now encourage YOU to do the same. Write down that “brain storm.” From experience I’ll warn you, if you don’t, it will rise as the morning mist and be just as invisible.

– eab, 5/1/16

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The stick was thrown, forsaken,

Into the pasture, by the boy,

Which an hour ago had been,

His companion, and his toy.


It lay alone and lonely,

After being warm and close,

To the lad and his fancy,

It had been friend – foremost.


It could have spent its latter days

Drooling over its state,

Self-pity it could have claimed,

For the loss of its former mate.


Instead it relished contentment,

For having shared and been,

As few sticks ever are;

A real-live human’s friend.

– eab, May ’76 * Our second son, age 9.

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In many countries the Bible is perhaps THE most available Book (for sale, free at Salvation Army, readable at libraries) yet in numerous homes it is the least read Book. How incongruent in that? Are you reading/studying your Bible everyday? Yes? Great! No? Sorry. Why not? I’m just a human asking this today. Some tomorrow God could be asking you “Why not.” That friend, will be a super serious question – better that you answer my question today.

– eab, 4/30/16

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