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The Word

Matthew 6. 16

“Moreover when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance:

for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to fast.

Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.”


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“It [sin] pays wages in three installments: it kills the conscience,

Dries up the fountain of emotion,

Breaks the power of resistance.”

– Glenn Griffith, from his book, I Sought For a Man

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If you could take one (1) tangible item to heaven what would you take (don’t count humans)?

That item, whatever it is, should be examined with an honest heart – does it mean too much to you?

– eab, 5/11/16

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A mansion of stone or brick, did you say,

Ov’rlooking the point where river meets bay,

With four-storied garrets, room for four cars,

And a high domed-room to study the stars,

A half-mile lane and personal tennis court,

Kentucky-fenced knoll were horses cavort,

An indoor pool with a European tub,

All this close, to the golf-course, country club?

The finest mansion you have ever seen,

With yard upon yard – green trimmed in lush green,

The highest castle on a curved mountain spine,

With stair cases, great room, stones to entwine

Or glorious condo above pure beach,

With “condiments” in commodious reach,

All appear huts, caves, shelters poorly made,

When death reveals truth, and life starts to fade.

– eab, 5/16/08

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Whoever “puts down” the Bible

as not being scientific or its OT or NT “writers” as not understanding science are doing two things: 1) Placing themselves higher than such illustrious men, and 2) Lowering God, the true Author of the Holy Text and the Author of all that is called science.

These pitiful critics need to cry for mercy before they die and arrive at the Judgment.

– eab, 5/15/16

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