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“If you do not affirm truth,

you lose truth.”

– Wingrove Taylor, WTS speech, 3/1/02

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Once saved always saved?

“Once married always married” take that to the divorce court.

“Once rich always rich” take that to the mortgage company.

“Once alive always alive” take that to the morgue.

“Once healthy always healthy” take that to the hospital.

“Once skinny always skinny” take that to the exercise gym.

– eab, 2/16/11

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The Lord has planned that day should follow night.

The Lord has promised the victory – after the fight.

He has not promised I’d always understand,

But He has promised to be at our command.

– eab, May 1971 (last stanza of 4 in poem)

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On the Edge?

People speak of living “on the edge.”

Edge of what?

Edge of solvency – about to drop into debt?

Edge of debt – about the drop in bankruptcy?

Edge of hope – about to drop into despair?

Edge of health – about to drop into disease? Edge of What?

– eab, 1/8/09

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