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The Word

Proverbs 1. 24 – 25

“Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded;

“But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof:”

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A L Vess quote

“Even the animals, birds, beasts, insects…have voices for the purpose of understanding each other…Let us not stoop below the animal…world in the church…

where truth is so important and must be understood.”

A L Vess, from his book, The Bible on Tongues 

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Able for Able

God is able to guide young men.

He’s been guiding them

since He guided Able.

– eab, 10/15/09

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Nice Day

What a nice day God has provided

For the chosen, and the yet undecided.

“Day” is true of the space – dawn till light’s last breath,

“Day” is true of the time between birth and death.

God has chosen you – when you choose Him, you’re “in”

“In” until you chose the “out” of disobedience, i.e. sin.

If through life’s little day you keep on choosing right

(In the brightest public day, or the darkest private night)

You can count yourself among His “chosen few.”

By sad contrast, you can backslide from truth you knew;

You can choose to rename: wrong-right, right-wrong,

Claim a right song is “noise,” or wrong noise is a “song.”

– eab, 5/25/14

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W           Willingness to learn

I              Independence of thinking

S             Seeking the facts

D            Determination to know

O            Overview of area

M           Modifying previous position

– eab, 6/25/09


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