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The Word

Proverbs 3. 1

“My son, forget not my law;

but let thine heart keep my commandments:”

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[under caption You are God’s Property]

“He has a right of occupancy…

He has the right of identification…”

L D Wilcox, from his book Profiles in Wesleyan Theology

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The woman who has time enough to paint her toenails could refrain and use her time more wisely for her family and/or God.

Or if she is paying someone else for this toe make-up, she can stop and increase her offering that much for missions.

The world’s greatest need? Definitely not. A helpful observation? May it prove so for Miss X and Mrs Y.

- eab, 6/1/16

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To love when all of life [1]      

Lies down a ne’er ending trail,

Is simple and safe, without strife,

Happily, they lift the veil.


It is more adventurous, however

As seasoned travelers to wend,

The experience path together,

Starting love’s journey “over again.”


It takes a certain inward spark,

A daring and demanding devotion

To face (this time not in the dark)

Married life and its commotion.


Anyone can do something initially,

Poorly, mediocre, or superb.

It’s different to repeat it successfully –

To marry IS an action verb.


Young love is a blossomy suit,

Sweet and magnifying.

Mature love is a ripened fruit,

Full and more satisfying.     

– eab, Jun. ’77

[1] Written (upon request) for Mr.& Mrs. Samuel Heisler married 7/2/77, PA (had a part in wedding) She as, Mrs Kegerise, cooked for us in Friendsville.

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Do not have a TV?

Good. You are receiving less indoctrination. Do not rent hollywood movies for your home? Good again. Society is so permeated with imitation and make believe that even we non-hollywood addicts are exposed to players/actors via radio, magazines, billboard, etc.

“God, I pray, guard Thy children from the tarnishing influences of these false named, multi-married “gods” of a fallen world.”

– eab, 6/1/16

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