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The Word

Mat 7. 11 – 12

“Give us this day our daily bread.

“And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.”

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Always a picture in the first sentence…”

– Bruce Barton, from his book The Man Nobody Knows

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You say (though your hair is cut) that it is still obvious you’re a woman. You are looking at that as a human. And thinking about how other humans are seeing you. How does God see you? He knows you cut your hair and in His sight it is the same as if it were shaved (1Co 11). You see different lengths of cut hair and say you still look feminine: God sees the man and you as similar (if not the same) – you both have cut hair! And it is an abomination to Him.

– eab, 1970’s

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Better to depart for heaven’s mansion

From a humble bungalow;

Than to depart from an earthly mansion

And go below, way down below.

– eab, 6/12/13


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This is the Day the Lord has made.

He has made multitudes of Days. He has make millions of Days. Most of us have seen thousands of Days, maybe hundreds of June Days but not a one of us have seen this Day, June 12, 2016, before. It is “Brand new.” And – – – we will never see this day again, except in the “halls of memory.” May we look heavenward today in a new, a fresh way and make this day worth remembering because of our worship, love toward, and obedience to our Precious Lord and Savoir, Christ Jesus.

– eab

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