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The Word

Mat 7. 17 – 18

“But thou, when thou fastest, anoint thine head, and wash thy face;

“That thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy Father which is in secret: and

thy Father, which seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly.”

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“The preacher should be the boldest of men

because of the unselfish character of his work.”

– William Jennings Bryan, from his book about Jesus, In His Image

> > Dad thought we were related to WJB but I have no proof <<


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Atheist?” Is this a name you chose for yourself? Or a name with which you were dubbed?

Whether your choice or another’s, the Bible has the correct name for you.

If you truly say there is no God, you are a fool (Psa 14.1 & 53.1).

– eab, 6/14/16

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What good was it to be a “popular Joe”

When ghastly death, life’s final, unfriendly foe

Gives you that nasty, odd nod, and you most go?


Did popularity keep death far away?

Was it so fair it kept death at distant bay?

Did fame make death late, for even one more day?


The well-known die as do the many unknown

The grim reaper comes for every seed that’s sown

He, the product of sin, claims each as his own.


Death knows the address of the rich and the poor

Knows each cell phone number, each palatial door

Finds its victims on the first or the fifth floor


Preparation for death is not fleeting fame

Not to have acquired a saucy house-hold name

Not to have piled up gold, silver (all the same)


One has suffered death for all, poor and well-to-do

Christ is your only hope when death comes soon for you

Christ is all you’ll need when death’s door you pass through.

– eab, 6/18/08

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Singing to God

I have (what at first) sounds like bad news.

Some have traveled far to hear Christian musical concerts. My guess is (that’s all it is) that there’ll be no such concerts in heaven. To whom would they sing? We’ll all have perfect voices, perfect ears, perfect pitch. It’s commonly known that sisters and brothers can have a harmony surpassing non-related harmony and we ALL be family up there – children of the King. Soooo, if you will not get to see/hear so-n-so in concert and everybody will be a perfect chorister what’s the catch?

No music in heaven? Probably, quite the contrary. All get to sing. To Whom? To the KING; He will be the audience. His praise will be our endless theme and music, as if we were in a dream: to Him, about Him, for Him forever and ever, Amen.

– eab, 6/16/16

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