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The Word

Heb 1.1

“God, who at sundry times and in divers manners

spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets,”

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“Never do anything to excel other people

but in order to please God… ”

– William Law, from his book A Serious Call to a devout and holy life (1728)

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When you belong to God, it is unknown what He may do through or for you before you go to heaven.

But when you belong to satan (we ALL belong to One or the other) it is unknown what depraved act you will commit in satan’s slavery before you drop into hell.

– eab, 6/13/16

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It should not be thought odd,

There’s an almighty loving God,

Who has made all that mankind ever beholds,

While beyond human sight,

Limitless stars have their own light;

Plus entire “worlds” that a microscope unfolds.


It would be strange,

To imagine that magnificent range

Of palms (to say nothing of pear trees or pines),

Just chanced, just happened to be,

A great, royal, lofty tree.                     

Chromosomes “had accidents” at the right lines.


Could anyone with solemn brow,

Pronounce “Some way, some how,”

The monkey which has caused such zoo-land laughter,

Is from millions of years,

Steaming jungle’s “blood, sweat and tears”?

Gene met gene, “lived happily ever after.”


There’s a God Who’s over all–

Without Him no “finches” fall.

Creation demands a personal Creator.

No clock has yet made itself,

Nor book on library shelf,

Nor stairway evolved to an elevator.


There’s but one reason,

For this acceptance “for a season,”

Of the theories that some Ph.D.s expound.

To believe granite and jade,

Where by the Trinity made,

To believe Noah’s Flood covered all the ground,


Would require, if consistent,

Belief in Adam’s instant.

(Disobeying was sin at the tragic tree.)

And then, what would follow,

Is the Awesome Man of Sorrow,

With His soul-compelling “Come and follow Me.”


Darwin neglected the Book.

THEN created ways that took

Him far, far from his seminary studies.

Science is gladly known.

Anti-creation has not shown

The missing link, nor any of its “buddies.”


There’s a creating God.

NOT believing–that’s what is odd!

Rejecting earth’s most valid Book is not smart.

Observe, Record, and Act;

God still cleanses, that is a fact.

Unbelievers and God’s fossils will soon part!

– eab, 7/4/98

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A hummingbird found

our hummingbird feeder and (what do you know) he returned. He had found something he liked and needed. I have never seen a crow at a hummingbird feeder. The crow would have to be “re-born” to enjoy that.

Hint. Hint.

– eab, 6/10/16

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