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The Word

Psalms 119. 2 – 4

“Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, and that seek him with the whole heart.

They also do no iniquity: they walk in his ways.

Thou hast commanded us to keep thy precepts diligently.”

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“…He warned people to “count the cost” before becoming Christians. “Make no mistake” He says “if you let me I will make you perfect. The moment you put yourself in My hands that is what you are in for. Nothing less or other than that.”

– C S Lewis, from his book, Beyond Personality

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It is a seriously sad day when a liar has told tales, tall and often, and now believes his lie,

to the damning of his own soul.

– eab, 6/15/16

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G. B. V. Jr.

G. B. V. Jr. [1]

I saw a man’s praying place;

A holy spot it seemed.

The wooded hills were to its face,

Where the orb’s first glory beamed,

Atop a ridge, beneath oak,

Beside pines with boughs entwined,

His tears the forest floor did soak.

Kneeling there, likewise,

God’s Spirit joined mine.

– eab, Jul. ’77

[1] George B. Vernon, (father of George married to Ruthie) former Vice Pres. of Alabama Bible Methodist.

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If, when forced into

these choices, a Believer in Christ would rather:

1) Be lied about, as to lie,

2) Be stolen from, as to steal,

3) Be killed for His sake, as opposed to killing.

(If you kill the man who has murder in his heart toward you, where will he go?)  Christ makes the difference.

– eab, 7/7/16

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