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The Word

Psalms 119. 8 – 9

“I will keep thy statutes: O forsake me not utterly.

“Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?

By taking heed thereto according to thy word.”

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“All the wonders of Greek civilization heaped together

are less wonderful than is the simple Book of Psalms…”

– Wm. Gladstone quoted by Gilchrist Lawson

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Hungry sinners

Many sinners have little-to-no-God at home, work in a Christ-less atmosphere, and socialize with immoral hearts.

There ought to be one place they can encounter God.

Yet in modern, user-friendly churches God Himself is not welcome.

There is a famine of holy reality across the world and hungry sinners are the sad losers.

eab,  7/9/16

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P  Paul Wood Finch has turned the tassel, “Graduated” today.  

A A long time ago he started this school  Called Narrow Way

U Untold millions have done this course, of free will, not of force.              

L Learning and loving to learn, growing in Christ every day.                        


W  Would you believe in Jesus also, have Him as your Friend?                   

O Our brother’s life imitate, he’s found a fabulous “end.”

O Or let me say “beginning” (only earth-life has ending).

D Dead?  Oh, no. Much more alive than those who condolence send.       


F  Father of five, yet spiritually, many more are alive

I In Ireland, Africa, and home he has descendents dear.

N No allowance Finch would make, for old carnality’s sake

C Clean hands and a pure heart are available “now and here.”

H Holiness lead Finch to heaven. Oh, follow in his wake! 

– eab, 7/8/03

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If the worldly man/woman is comfortable

with the shallow “worship chorus,” if they are OK with the always brief, generic single pray-er prayer, if they can smile (even nod) through the minister’s not too hot, not too cold sermon/speech, you have a worldly church.

To the saving of your soul, seek a true Holy Spirit service or start a Bible study at your home.

– eab, 7/9/16

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