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The Word

Psalms 119. 12 – 13

“Blessed art thou, O LORD: teach me thy statutes.

“With my lips have I declared all the judgments of thy mouth.”

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“…It is through Pride that the devil became the devil

…it is the complete anti-God state of mind.”

– C S Lewis, from his book, Mere Christianity.

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God is not “running” a democracy. (Ever notice this word shares the first four letters with “demon”?) God is KING. He is the most benevolent King. Our minds have not yet grasp how generous God’s Kingdom is and we may never see it all, even in eternity.  

– eab, 7/12/16

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Age (when it found time to begin),

Was like a point, point of a pen.

Later, age becomes a mere word,

Then words “bunched up,” as a full herd.

Soon age is its own paragraph;

(Do “aging” jokes now make you laugh?)

Age, in its swift moving old rage,

At present covers a full page.

Once a period? Now a chapter!

Age keeps growing. What’s it after?

Age will soon more chapters complete;

On-rolling age knows no defeat.

Shortly, age will own the whole book;

It steals youth like no other crook.

Like a book, long ago loaned, Friend

Lastly come those sad words – “The End.”

– eab, 7/13/09

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It is nearly impossible to “sound the trumpet” against divorce and remarriage

without someone feeling like you condemn them or a relative. Pardon me, but how else can sighted men warn youth that marriage is FOR LIFE?

Christ was serious about adultery being sin (Mar 10.9 & 11) and though churches change their little rules, Christ has not changed.

– eab, 7/12/16

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