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The Word

Heb 1. 4

“Being made so much better than the angels,

as he [ Christ] hath by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they.”

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Luther quote

“…No man can sufficiently conceive

how horrible the idolatry of the papist is.”

– Martin Luther, from his Commentary on Galatians

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Which is deciding your appearance and actions – “society” or Scripture?

Remember, society is changing and will soon vanish.

The Holy Word is eternal!  

– eab, 9/12/15

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Don’t think it the least bit odd

That good is only one letter from God.

Nor see it at all strange

That evil and devil are so nearly in range.

– eab, 7/24/15


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The greatest Designer “in the world”

is also very much outside the world. He designed the world with all the intricacies of minerals, plants, and animals. He designed man – the most complicated being, His highest creation – designed man to be constantly in fellowship with Him both in man’s limited earth-life and in redeemed man’s unlimited eternal-life.

Thank you, God for what little we grasp of your designs now and what we hope to further grasp in the coming new heaven and new earth.

– eab, 7/24/16

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