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TV doesn’t go with holiness.

TV started with the devil and its still of the devil

– Lester Roloff, uncertain of exact source

>> Allow me to remind you that Roloff was a BAPTIST minister <<

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The Word

Job 1. 5

“And it was so, when the days of their feasting were gone about, that Job sent and sanctified them, and rose up early in the morning, and offered burnt offerings according to the number of them all: for Job said, ‘It may be that my sons have sinned, and cursed God in their hearts.’ Thus did Job continually.”


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Carnal preachers often speak what is pleasing to their ears, and to the ears they are trying to please (after all, the congregation “pays” their salary 😦 ). Holy men of God at times are called upon to deliver messages which give them no pleasure and which they know displease certain persons hearing it. God give us more Holy men.

– eab, 7/17/16

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If I were to try and recount,

All Your blessings to me,

Blessings and multiplied blessings,

I’m sure the amount would staggering be.

I’d end up merely guessing

For Your blessings haven’t come

Just one by one

Or by twos (as animals to the ark)

Your blessings have come ton by ton

Ah, yes, all thrown together.

They have come in the sunshine,

They have come in the dark,

In fact, all kinds of weather

So many, many blessings have been mine.   

– eab, Aug. ‘75

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Perhaps 2-3 (a dozen?) readers have had the blessed feeling

that they were God’s “special child.” Yesterday I stopped in my little shop and praised Him for how neatly He worked things out on such a simple thing as doors. When we bought this fixer-upper (in ’13) it had a space which looked like a walk-in closet off of the shop but had no doors or even framing for them. Time by time I’d check the Restore (Habitat for Humanity) for doors. After several weeks/months I found two matching 24” doors with hinges and put them in our little “barn”. Yesterday as I finally got this project started I saw again that one door had 1 ½ hinges but that the other had 3 so moved the middle one over to other door. It was such a blessing to see them up side by side (one swinging right, one left) that I wanted to share the blessing. I do not deserve it (a true statement) but I had the feeling of being one of His “special kids.”

Did I mention I paid $5.00 each for them? God is sooooo Good.

– eab, 8/5/16

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