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The Lord’s Day

Rev 1. 10a

“I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day…”

>> Oh, may we be like Bro. John <<

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“The New Testament has no meaning

if Jesus is anything less than a Savior.”

– Samuel Chadwick

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You and your past may have erected an obstacle between you and God. God can miraculously remove that obstacle (and He may). Or, He may want you to dismantle it, piece by sorrowful piece. One way or the other, Friend, I beg you, clear the view between you and God. The devil will say you can’t. NEVER believe satan; he is a liar!

– eab, 9/1/16

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Some men have lived in great wealth;

Others have known the empty shelf,

Their lives seemed miles and miles apart.

But death came to the mighty rich,

Likewise death the poor did pitch.

They were sooo alike with un-pumping heart.

– eab, Sep. ‘09

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Sun worshippers

Some (in ignorance) claim

the Roman catholics get the credit/blame for moving the day of worship from the 7th to the 1st Day. ABOSULTELY NOT – the transition is clearly a part of the NT. What the RC do get the blame for, is naming the 1st Day “sunday.” The old Quakers called the 1st Day exactly that: “First Day.” That is Biblical. Some refer to a “Christian Sabbath;” I find no Scriptural basis for this (the two words don’t even occur in the same verse). It’s no surprise that catholics use the word “sunday” – they ARE sun worshippers.

– eab, 8/29/16

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