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Jon 4. 2

“…for I knew that thou art a gracious God, and merciful,

slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repentest thee of the evil.”

>> And sadly, Jonah wasn’t real pleased that God was this way for Nineveh. <<

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“If we’re not having fresh testimonies,

we’re not hearing from God.”

– Phillip Dickinson, sermon 12/15/02

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The great Steve D Herron told his preacher boys, “There’s a ditch on either side of the road; the devil doesn’t care which one he gets you in.” Bro Herron was right: there’s a right ditch (being un-biblically strict) and there’s a left ditch (being easy on yourself). Spiritual death lurks on either side. From many years of travel (have driven between 1.5 and 2 million miles) I make this observation. Probably more have survived going off the road on the right than on the left. The drift to the right may kill you but you may be injured, total a car or less – its often a one-car wreck. You may be the only one hurt/killed. The drift to the left often is a two-car accident and becomes fatal for you and the one you hit head-on. I urge you to not drift either way but as for me, I’d rather err by being a little too hard on “x” than being too easy and therefore also injure/kill others.

– eab, 9/13/16

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LIFE IN REVIEW   (song) [1]

And when you see your life in review,

At the close of our little day;

The trials, the tests, He gave what was best,

For you and all the rest.

Each trouble, each pain, each delay, each strain,

He gave because He knew,

That we’d agree with Him, when we see,

Our life in review.

– eab, 9/13/1985

[1] 34th song, Chorus “written” (sung and re-sung till memorized) while weeping and driving our yellow moving truck by myself up I-75 through southern Kentucky; I was leaving a dream behind.

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A new life begun

Some days ago my wife and I had reason to be

on US 22 in greater Cincinnati. It reminded me of coming to God’s Bible School. Dad, Mom, and I turned left out of our rural driveway onto US 22 between Somerset and Rushville, OH and took that (then) major trucking route all the way to Cincy. We arrived at the school in Dad’s two-tone blue, 1957 Chevy 210. Coming there was a mutual decision between my little older parents (Dad turned 39 six days before I was born) and my young mind/soul. I had been saved in April of the 7th grade, wanted to live for God, and did not want to continue in the state school. As I look back it must have been hard for them but neither they nor I wavered. September, 1957 saw me a freshman in high school and – – – a new life had begun.

– eab, 9/4/16

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