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Rom 6. 6

“Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed,

that henceforth we should not serve sin.”

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R S Foster quote

“In order that this soul may be holy…the willing and perfect servant…more is necessary than pardon; it must be cured of its abnormal condition must be made sane: this is what is meant by regeneration.”

– R S Foster, from his book CHRISTIAN PURITY

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In the sinner, carnality controls. In the Believer (unsanctified) the Spirit controls carnality.

In the sanctification carnality is eradicated, or stated another way,

Carnality controls the sinner. The believer (by God’s great help) controls carnality.

Holy fire “burns out” carnality.

– eab, 4/1/09


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Right Reverse


Right righteousness has a reverse,

For a word we said too terse,

Or for a mistaken action,

For which we need a retraction.

Apologize. Don’t be adverse.       

– eab, 9/24/07

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About Prrayer

A few Q&A’s about Prayer

  1. Prayer is only for those 30 or older – right? A. Wrong.

  2. Is prayer out-of-date? (It was OK in Finney’s day and even Seth C Rees but now?) A. Now!

  3. Isn’t prayer only talking to yourself anyway? A. You may “listen in” but God is the main One listening.

  4. Is there enough to pray about to last 15 min.? A. Yes – Twice.

– eab, c. 1980’s

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