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Thy kingdom come

Mat 6. 10

“Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”

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John Fletcher quote

“…our Lord never required absolute perfection from archangels

much less from fallen man.”

– John Fletcher, from his Works, vol I

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No crime rate

God’s coming Kingdom has: No crime rate, No grime rate, No cemetery

No hospital, No insane asylum, No orphanage, No jail

No prison, No nursing home, No doctor’s office, No fire station.

– eab, 8/29/12

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Let My people go


“Let My people go” the Lord said

When they were let go, Moses led

Through the sea and through the sand

Starting, stopping at God’s command.

Glad? They were rebellious instead.

– eab, Sep. ‘07

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Sinners are content with the inner man

(“that’s just how I am – deal with it.”) but want to change the body: tattoos, wild hair, paint, punctures.

Christians want to change the inner man (with God’s help) and are content to leave the body the way their Father made it.

– eab, 6/23/12

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