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Be Filled

Eph 5. 18

“And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess;

but be filled with the Spirit”

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When I see some people who profess to be sanctified,

I either want to be inoculated or … quarantined.”

– H Robb French, quoted in an Earl Newton sermon, 2/8/94

> Said by a man who believed in the real but was aware of the false.<

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A Spirit-filled man

God is not limited by man’s limitations. God is not bound by man’s boundaries.

Nor is the Spirit-filled man tied by these. God and God’s man can do the “impossible”

when God has him ready and when God will be thus glorified.

– eab, 9/28/16

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God owns the treasures of gold

He lets us use them for a life-time or less.

God also owns the treasures of cold

And spring and summer and fall, no less.

God owns the proverbial cattled hills

Diamonds in mines, pearls in the sea.

God owns the treasures of gulfs and small rills

And gives us artful sunsets, without a fee.

So – what can poor, puny, pitiful man

Give HIM? Can man give anything to the Lord?

We can GIVE Praises. Yes, we can.

Praise Him today, tonight, tomorrow in word.

Oh, let our thanksgiving abound

Wherever His people are found.

– eab, Sep. 2016


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Thousands of souls sailed across the Atlantic toward a new life.

They chose to leave old Europe behind knowing they might make the North American shore or, OR might die at sea before reaching it. We’re all on “life’s sea.” Unlike those hardy souls we didn’t volunteer (we were well into our personal voyage before becoming aware of it). We have a much more important choice however – we choose to make heaven’s shore or die a spiritual death before reaching it. They chose the trip but not its outcome. We did not choose the trip but have full choice in the outcome.

Man Up!

– eab, 9/28/16

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