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Holy Scriptures

2Ti 3. 15

“And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures,

which are able to make thee wise unto salvation

through faith which is in Christ Jesus.”


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“If the Scriptures are not reliable in details

how shall we reach general conclusions?”

– Eldon Fuhrman, PhD, Wesley Biblical Seminary sermon, 5/3/1988

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Worship God

~see other part~ The offering is a part of a Believer’s meeting.

Too much emphasis can be placed on an offering, however it has its place and some offertories bless with sweet and meaningful music. Every assembly of Christians should welcome a word here, a word there from “members” as they report (testify) of the good, God has performed the last week. (We are “bragging” on “our Father” and are pleased that He is glorified.) Unless the Lord leads otherwise, the high point of Believer’s groups is the preaching of God’s Holy Word. A politician, professor, or other can deliver speechs on “x” or “y.” Preaching is entirely different. It is the solemn responsibility of a mere man to stand before dying men and invite them to avert the coming wrath of God. It is a man attempting to be a messenger for the God of heaven. It is trying to lift men’s eyes above the plain of earth and glimpse the far better world to which God is inviting them and which Christ died to provide.

Please fully open your heart to Worship God tomorrow. Welcome!

– eab, 10/1/16

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Thomas L Sproles


T             Today a young man turns sixty years;

H             Half that time we’ve known him, it appears.

O            Operating a small printing press,

M            Ministering to rich, and those less,

A             “Ain’t going preacher,” was said by some

S             Sleepy souls after the van had come.

L             Loving man to Paula, his good wife,

S             Stably married decades of life,

P             Papa to their four nice kids, all grown,

R            Reaching to grandkids, these four have “sown.”

O            (Onions are part of any good meal.)

L             Lord’s minister, who likes to help heal,

E             Enjoyed seeing homes of Shea and Ike.

S             Sincere “Bests” – to a guy we all like.

– eab, 10/1/08

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The Christian Worship Service

is a wonderful, special event. It is a little like a “club meeting,” and a “family reunion,” but it far exceeds them. There will be announcements (printed/verbal) “housekeeping” but important in their own way. With them out of the way the service moves on to the meat. All truly Christian Worship gatherings include singing. Grand old hymns can swing wide the door into the very presence of the Almighty. So much could be said about these gems of Christianity. True hymns center on Him. Sing them attempting to climb into their deep messages. Many of them were penned with tears flowing down the cheeks of the writer. A Worship service always includes prayer – the best such are congregations which practice a symphony of prayer, each soul verbally or silently blending his “instrument” into a full and beautiful sound to our Father. There maybe a time for listening to solo prayers but just as congregational singing should not be replaced by vocalists, congregational prayer needs to stay.

– eab, 10/1/16 ~con’t.~


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