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2Ti 4. 10

“For Demas hath forsaken me,

having loved this present world…”

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“Compromise, modernism is the anesthetic the devil uses

while your religion is being removed.”

– J Belvin Green, sermon, 6/11/1998

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Sadly one can have an interest in “holiness” as a doctrine without having a hunger to be holy. One can have an interest in the history of holiness or even the history of the “holiness movement” without a desire for personal holiness. Said persons can do the top two and still be bound by this evil world. To truly experience the holy heart is to be released from the confining concepts of the world, and be wholly given to God – wonderful – and much more important than mere history or doctrine.

Are YOU hungry for holiness?

– eab, 10/4/16

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Hypocrites can fool Christians,

At least for a few days.

Hypocrites can fool preachers,

With their counterfeiting ways.

Hypocrites can fool themselves

– That is scariest of all;

For how can you get up,

If you think you did not fall?

– eab, Oct. ‘08

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The first reference to “play” in the Bible is when the rebels

“…sat down to eat and to drink and rose up to play” (Exo 32.6). The last mention refers to this verse “…as it is written, The people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play” (1Co 10.7). “Played” is found only in the OT (majority are referencing harlots). “Playing” similarly has some harlot references. Playing is not basically known in the Bible for adults other than musicians or gross sinners. And “game” is nowhere in the Holy Book. Yet – moderns play by the millions and some get paid million$ to play.

This age is paying for many Playing and few Praying.

– eab, 10/3/16

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