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Mar 15. 30 – 31

“ ‘Save thyself, and come down from the cross.’

“Likewise also the chief priests mocking said among themselves with the scribes, ‘He saved others; himself he cannot save.’”

>> They, in ignorance, were right. Had He saved Himself, He could not save others. <<

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S D Herron quote

“God’s commands to pray

are really veiled, personal letters inviting us into His presence.”

– S D Herron, IHC sermon, Pell City, AL, 11/14/1983

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Three crosses crown the brow of Golgotha. One holds a man who represents the bulk of mankind. He’s guilty, totally unrepentant, and fails to even recognize Salvation in Person is right there. The extreme other holds one also guilty but he’s sorry, willing to admit his sin, and cries out to this present Salvation. The middle cross holds One who could have saved Himself (note this, blind Pharisee) but had He done that He could not have saved the thief and all of us sinners who follow in his wake. How extremely fitting that our Lord dies suspended between earth (His just-finished, temporary “home”) and Heaven (His pre-earth and post-earth, Eternal Home. And,

how utterly fitting that His death-location was between the hardened sinner and the sinner-saved-by-grace. Amen!

– eab, 10/8/16

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The Savior of men came and died

For those who had murdered and lied.

He came too for the inward sin,

Proceeding from a black heart within;

Called “pride – selfish, soul-killing pride.”

– eab, Oct. ‘14

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Everyone walks the hall of his individual life,

awaiting the elevator. When we’re born God has the UP button already pushed. (Innocent babies go to heaven.) When we reach the age of accountability (i.e. when we recognize sin is sin, that Jesus died to free us from sin and yet reject His gift) we push the DOWN button. Until we come to Christ in repentance and faith the button remains DOWN. Thanks to our God-give, free will we can, by the prompting and grace of the Holy Spirit push the UP button. Some wait longer, some a shorter time in life’s hall but the elevator arrow is pushed (one way or the other) for every man. Soon the elevator opens. Soon we go the direction we selected. In everyday life we can refuse to enter an elevator and walk away – that won’t happen when the elevator of death opens. Some go in kicking and screaming and have an awful, final, descent. Some step peacefully through the door and ascend to heights of Glory.

Friend, which button do you NOW have pushed – UP? DOWN?

– eab, 10/8/16

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