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Mat 14. 31

“And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him,

‘O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?’ ”

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M W Knapp quote

“Doubt has its root

in an unwilling heart.”

– M W Knapp, from his book CHRIST CROWNED WITHIN (his 1st book)

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When/If truth becomes unacceptable to you because of your life, don’t try to whittle down truth (to fit you).

Ask God to so fill your life that it may fit with truth. Do NOT fear truth. It is your friend – now and in the hour of death.  

– eab, 10/13/16

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Where, Oh where, is your heart’s desire?

Is it based on earthly things?

Or would you like God’s Holy Fire

More than man’s changing trends and flings?


Is religion tied to a spire

Is it a sheer church-i-ness

God will still give His Holy Fire

The choice? His, OR your rightness.


Has church lifted you from sin’s mire?

Do you still sin every day?

Heavenly, Holy, burning Fire

Will lead you off that broad way.


Are your preachers men for low hire

Glued to mere “church-ianity”

Pray, pray for Holy, Living Fire

Yes, in our own century.


Some pastors build their own empire,

Held up by rites and rituals.

God can do more with Holy Fire

Than men with games and visuals.


God’s still looking for those who tire

Of glitz, cheap glamour, and show.

He’ll do more with Holy Fire

Than any personality “glow.”


Old satan has his false wildfire

Based on emotional strings.

But God’s own, true, heavenly Fire

Is above such shallow things.


Horns, drums, and clapping can inspire

Shallow feelings – that’s for sure.

But the heart of pure, Living Fire

Is a life constantly pure!  


I urge you, change your deep desire;

Leave the Broad Way Church behind.

Settle it – you’ll have Holy Fire.

Don’t accept another kind.

– eab, Oct. ‘05

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It is sad when children through drifting or purposeful decisions,

leave the narrow way. Is there anything more sad? Yes, there is. It is sadder when Dad and Mom who once appeared to be solid, switched from the narrow to the broad way. It is sad for their own souls – they are nearer than ever to death. It is sad for their children. “If the foundations be destroyed…” Psa 11.3a

– eab, 9/13/16

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