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Psa 40. 4

“Blessed is that man that maketh the LORD his trust, and

respecteth not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies.”


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“…John Calvin who justifies Christians getting angry

is historically known for his disposition and exhibition of anger.”

– Warren C McIntire, from his booklet, Righteousness Indignation

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YOU are a teacher

We are all “teachers” of sorts. Some teach what to say – some what NOT to say.

Some teach how to live – some how NOT to live, while other teach how to, or how NOT to die.

Someone (you may never know who) is watching; they are your “student.” Teach right!

– eab, 9/27/16

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Will is free

satan slithered into our first parent’s garden place,

he, ruined himself, wanted to ruin God’s new race.

satan told a bold-faced lie, you will not, will not die.

They were expulsed, driven and kept out, deadly disgrace.

Sadly, this life-changing lie was not old split-hoof’s last.

For centuries now he’s lied. Lying is his gruesome past.

He’s been believed, believed until the cold die was cast.

satan’s big lie since Augustine and those he’s lead down,

Is “the will is not free” – you’re programmed to wear a frown.

What a lie, told by a “church,” it keeps one in a lurch.

Stop. Your will is free. You can choose to make “Heaven town.”

– eab, Oct. ‘10

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“Status symbols” used to be large and meaningful.

(If a status symbol can be meaningful?!?)

It once was, “Look at my large swimming pool,” “See my expensive imported car,” “Hear about my last trip to Europe” two of which could last many years. The other day I saw nine or more cars lined up at the drive-through for Star Bucks.

Has high-brow coffee become the new status symbol? “See me sip my status symbol” which lasts ten – fifteen minutes?

– eab, 9/21/16

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