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man of sin

2Th 2. 3

“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come,

except there come a falling away first, and

that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition”

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L L Pickett quote

“The whole futuristic idea of locating the antichrist

in some militarist is unscriptural…”

– L L Pickett, from his book THE ANTICHRIST

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No one sees ahead to all the steps in their spiritual journey anymore than a traveler sees all that are coming on his trek across earth. Take the first spiritual step. Do NOW what you know is God’s will for you. Then trust the next steps to the will of our loving Heavenly Father. He will guide you and you’ll be soooo glad.

– eab, 10/21/16


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He is with us


Man’s walk is short, at the longest length.

His way is weak, at its strongest strength.

Birth and schooling, and marriage and death

Breeze by. We run, are soon out of breath,

What looked so distant when we were young,

(Our road was untried, our song unsung)

Clambers up, levels, clatters down hill.

Take the walks, pop vitamins at will

Age still comes. No matter how you “feel,”

Gray hair, wrinkles, glasses are all real.

But don’t worry. Yield to God your ways,

He’s with us. He’s the Ancient of Days.

– eab, Oct.  ‘10

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YOU are responsible for YOUR soul

– Going to heaven is your MAIN goal. (If you miss heaven you’re an utter failure.) You are not responsibility for anyone else going to heaven UNTIL you have that issue settled, forever, deep inside. You may/should desire your wife/husband to go to heaven and work to that end. You may/should want your daughter/son to be eternally saved and try to help that happen. You may/should labor to see your congregation/neighbors/fellow workers etc. redeemed. But until you have a clear, open, sweet fellowship with God these all take second place.

Have you settling your sin question – – – forever?

– eab, 10/21/16

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