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Day of Death

Gen 27. 2

“And he said,

‘Behold now, I am old,

I know not the day of my death:’ ”


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“A faith that cannot be tested

cannot be trusted.”

– Paul Pierpoint, from a sermon, 3/4/2001

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Apostate vs lost

The one who is apostate (worse than backslidden) “knows” the way to God, will not come, and dislikes being told the way back. The one who is lost but does not know the way to God, is HAPPY when told how to find Him, and sad that he didn’t know sooner.

– eab, 6/15/15

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Church bells once chimed across this land

Reminding men to pray.

Now sports announcers (for their new god)

Sound out the “play-by-play.”


Boys and girls, women and men

Fill big fields with playing.

Where are they on the Lord’s Day?

They fail to come praying.


Souls who’ve lost the vision

For their own eternal life,

Vainly cheer a game’s winners

Ah, such temporary strife.

– eab, Oct.  ‘11

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Humans have hair colors of many tints

eyes of varied hues, and skin shades dark to light. Humans are over-weight, under-weight and diversities of “just right.” Humans are tall or taller, short or shorter. Humans are babes, kids, youth, young middle-aged, middle middle-aged, and stages of old, older, oldest. In short, we’re as diverse as a mind can grasp. YET (Ready for this? J) there’s one way we’re alike; EŸVŸEŸRŸY OŸNŸE is exactly like. We are all one(1) day older than we were this time yesterday. This will happen also tomorrow – if we have a tomorrow.

If you fail to have a tomorrow, friend, where will you be?

– eab, 10/23/16

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