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Jas 2. 8

“If ye fulfil the royal law according to the scripture,

Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself, ye do well:”

>> Love does not want him to be eternally lost. <<

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J M Pike quote

“…no wrong temper –

none contrary to love – remains in the soul…”

– J M Pike, from the book THE DOUBLE CURE


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Brothers/Sisters we’ll all die but some of us may be forced to die. People who face forced-death started down that trail days, months, years ago – few if any martyrs happen over night. Please, PLEASE make sure you know THE cause is for which you may someday be forced to choose – renounce it or die. Only the true Christ (& His Word) are worthy of martyrdom. If you think you believe otherwise, I urge you take a day with your Bible and do nothing but examine/re-examine your deepest priorities. To die for a lesser cause than Christ (& His word) is a waste and, MUCH worse, may actually damn your soul.

– eab, 10/25/16

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Hallelujah is the word

Understood by all

Where it is heard.

Praise the Lord,

The Lord be praised,

The Lord of all your days.

– eab, 10/1/15      

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No one who is a Believer in Christ can judge “halloween” as positive.

Never. Many, I fear, see it as neutral. Again Never see it neutral. Please do not have “fall festivals” and/or costumed evenings on (or near) the date as “christian” substitutes. If you’re redeemed from sin you Love God. And you hate His arch enemy. Christian, put Christ ahead of “cultural.” (“Bryan, you’re too late making this post, plans are made.” Sorry, but you can kindly/firmly say “No.”) Do NOT honor evil on what’s perhaps the most satanic day on the calendar.

Though witches may not ride brooms they (& their male counterparts) are horribly real.

– eab, 10/25/16

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