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Mat 5. 6

“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness:

for they shall be filled.”

>> We’ve tended to see “be filled” as the blessing – Just WANTING him is a blessing. <<

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J M Pike quote

“He will only come to a heart

that is aflame with ardent desire for His presence.”

– J M Pike, from the book THE DOUBLE CURE

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Long range love for the (individual/group/society) may require, even demand, a condemnation of its short-range actions or attitudes which are hurting and/or killing it. If you (or your clique) are the objects such condemnation you should consider yourself LOVED.

– eab, 10/27/16

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“I want to plant ‘wild oats,’ but reap only what’s tame;

“Have a wild time, ‘Live it up’ but slide by all the shame.

“I’ll be an exception to heredity’s plan;

“Watch me ‘fool around’ yet beat all the clan.”

Thou fool. Sow Right or Wrong; you’ll harvest the same.

– eab, Oct. ‘10

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You are invited to My Dreams.

My Dreams come without a table of contents. My Dreams can change without warning. My Dreams are almost always in color. My Dreams have made me laugh until I awakened myself (and maybe my wife) chuckling. My Dreams may have a problem (I’m not properly dressed for where I am, or there is a space through which I must squeeze, or etc.). My Dreams may have a positive (a buck I’d love to see in real life, or beautiful stones on the ground, or etc.). My Dreams can have total strangers and places I have never been. My Dreams may include you and if, upon awaking, I recall you, I try to pray for you. I have no control over My Dreams and go there un-invited myself 🙂 .

– eab, 10/25/16

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