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No wicked thing

Psa 101. 3

I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.”

>> And WE make this choice – – – daily. Amen? <<

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Paul S Rees quote

“…History of the motion picture business testifies…to a lust for money that overrides…

the social good and the Christian conscience.

– Paul S Rees, from his booklet Movies and the Conscientious Christian

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It’s the Green-Field-Time of fall. The tall grasses and assorted annual plants in fence rows have dried and died. They are tones now of beige and brown. But for a short while the grass between the fences is still green – nearly, if not completely, as green as a month or two ago. These Green Fields add handsome contributions to fall’s already splendid “color chart.”    

– eab, 11/3/16

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There are men of phenomenal wealth,

Some gained honestly, others by stealth

Men who can buy and sell a whole town.

Their fortune seems to have never turned down.

If we don’t watch we can envy such “blokes”

As more “lucky” than the rest of us folks.


Money is just a means to an end.

It can’t make a “home,” or a marriage mend.

We place too great an imagined high

On money, gold, and what silver can buy.

Blinded by dollar $ign$ we fail to see,

In wealth they’re no richer than you and me.


Time, dear friend, is the truest treasure.

The rich and poor receive the same measure.

Each start their day with a fresh supply

Of hours which drag or go flying by,

“Money Bags” has no more time in this day.

Than the poor; close, or a continent away.


Each of us should value time, make it count.

No one has more – no one a less amount.

Time may yield you marriage, happiness, a wife;

Money can’t even buy a slight sliver of life.

God has given “today” – use it wisely, every hour.

Time, not money, has true-value power.

– eab, 11/3/06

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After nearly six weeks of ministry in the south

we returned to Bryan Bungalow (our 1340 sq. ft. cottage). As I was sitting reading my Bible Tuesday AM, my wife came into the living room admiring the view out our approx. 4.5’ by 5’ double windows. After she expressed pleasure at the sight I responded with, “And we get to enjoy this all week” 😉 (or similar words). We both LOVE the location of our little, paid-for home. It’s about 13 paces from the front porch to the middle of a seldom-traveled road; another 44-45 paces brings you to the nearest tree which is the edge of a deciduous woods of some acres. We’re sooooo blessed!

– eab, 11/3/16

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