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It is God

1Co 3. 7

“So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but

God that giveth the increase.”

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“Holiness seed never rots.

Plant it and it will grow.”

– “Buddy” Robinson, (uncertain source)

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Can such a horrible act as abortion have a bright side? If so, it is not the murderous people involved: not the unlike-Hippocrates “doctor,” not the wimpy husband/cowardly boyfriend, nor the female (hardly worthy the name woman) who refuses to be a mother. Does abortion (except to truly save the mother’s life) have a bright side? If we believe the known fertilized cell is alive and that all innocents go to heaven THEN God will be eternally glorified by millions, who sadly, had they lived to accountable age, may have chosen sin and a majority of them gone to hell.

  • eab, 11/5/16

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“Walk before Me and be thou perfect,” [1]

Are profound words spoken by God,

To a man on earth – still topside of sod.

Did God (Who knows all things),

Know something theologians do not?

Have theologians been self-deceived,

Satisfied, without what they have not sought?

Does God (Who has all power)

Have power to make one perfectly whole,

Whether he’s living in Timbuktu

Or living near the “north pole”?

Doubt your theology rather than God’s Word.

Perfect motive is possible with the Lord.

– eab, 11/5/08


[1] Gen 17.1

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Do not want to post this but think someone will need it.

We may see revolution or violence after the “election.” Please think NOW what Christ would do. He never struck a man. John Baptist told soldiers “…Do violence to no man…”(Luk 3.14). You owe no group an act which Jesus did not do. “But in the past Christians fought/killed.” Many called themselves “christians” who didn’t follow the teachings and Holy Example of Christ. “Jesus told the disciples to buy a sword.” Context. Read on; when they told Him they had two He said, “It is enough” (Luk 22.38) representing “self defense” not violence. Be ready to die. If you’re killed you go to heaven – if you kill a sinner, he goes to hell. Now is the time to think things through. Sadly, some opposed to abortion, see nothing wrong with killing an adult (?)(?)

– eab, 11/5/16

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