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Mar 8. 38

“Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.”

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Ken Rice quote

“The way we behave toward other people

indicates what we believe about God.”

– Ken Rice, sermon, 9/19/91

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There are those who do not believe the Bible. Period. There are those who believe “the believable” parts (rejecting miracles Old & New Testament, etc.) of the Bible. There are those whose mouth says “I believe the Bible” but whose day-by-day lives show their words are shallow. There are those who believe the Bible “through the lens” of their theological bent and misread or ignore Scripture which threatens to not fit. Friend, do YOU believe the Bible? Do you daily read It? Do you daily apply It to your life?

– eab, 11/6/16

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Moon – Leaf


A late fall leaf hung on the near tree,

A “finger-nail” moon [1] hung in the sky.

They caught peripheral vision,

This early morn, as I walked by.


One is a charming, distant white “globe,”

One close remnant of season past.

One has circled o’er earth long years

One’s existence we know cannot last,


One gives light to a darkened ole world,

One gave shade in its own (past) “hay day.”

One will flutter some day to earth,

One we all hope stays far, far away.


One has a rough man in a moon face,

However it’s basically all round.

One has rugged pointy edges,

Tenaciously the leaf “hangs around.”


Distant giant traveling the high sky,

Local leaf silhouetted down here,

Were made by our Heavenly Father

In His powerful, yet tender care.

– eab, Nov ‘09

[1] E. Andrew Bryan II expression as a mere boy

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It occurred to me after I posted

of our wonderful location that someone may not have a nice place and satan tempts you to be discontent. If your apartment, parsonage, rent locale isn’t nice pleasant please look for some good thing and Thank God For It. If you like out-o-doors look for the best scene and arrange a chair so you can enjoy it. It may be a single tree (see separateholy.wordpress.com for poem “His Sun” 5/3/07). Enjoy seasons as shown in THAT tree. If you haven’t such a window, plant an indoor flower, small shrub or editable veggie, water it, and enjoy its growth.

Concentrate on a positive – soon you may see another.

– eab, 11/6/16

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