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Heb 12. 14

“Follow peace with all men, and holiness,

without which no man shall see the Lord:”

>> “Men is in italics (not in the original), so includes all – your wife included  🙂  <<


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“When the Lord saved me He gave me something I never had and always wanted;

When He sanctified He took out of me something I never needed and never wanted.”

– “Buddy” Robinson, (uncertain source)

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When someone (even someone seen as “important”) disagrees with us, it is good to remember: 1) A person can be “right” about “A B or Q” and not be a Believer. 2) A person can be “wrong” about the same ideas and not be carnal. Being occasionally right will take no one up above, and being wrong about mere earthy issues will take no one below.

– eab, Nov 2016

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Changes in Prayer


Some people I used to pray for

No longer need prayer;

They’ve gone blessedly above

Or – sadly – they’ve gone down “there.”

They’ve been replaced by souls

Who once were not even here;

My kids, their kids are on the list

For daily “best wishes,” the occasional tear.

– eab, 11/7/15

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Many, I fear, of our thoughts/ideas

about heaven are too earthy to be real in that Fair Land. (My last two words are earthy. L) We owe it to our souls, dear friends, to search the Scriptures. Are our “doctrines, theories” r-e-a-l-l-y in the Bible? (Some have “created” theological ideas which are more theirs than God’s.) If “doctrines” which we defended and argued for on earth, are EVEN REMEMBERED in heaven (I am serious) they may sound ludicrous up there.

Heaven help us (i.e. You and Me) to be Scriptural. Amen?

– eab 11/4/16 (& earlier)

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