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He needs prayer

Pray for Donald Trump  1.) his Eternal salvation  2.) his Earthly protection

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Joh 1. 1

“In the beginning was the Word, and

the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

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“Jesus is the WORD. The Bible is Words about the WORD. Theology is words about the Words, about the WORD – all the time we’re getting further from Christ.”

– Richard Wurmbrand (author of TORTURED FOR CHRIST)

IHC sermon, Cincinnati, eab heard in person in the late 50’s – early 60’s

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If theology is the center of your religious beliefs you are in danger. If, instead the Bible is the center, I feel better but flee a religion of mere head knowledge of the Bible. (Sadly, a man can hold a Ph.D. in Bible or theology and be totally void of a personal relationship with Jesus.) The ONLY proper center of devotion is Christ. Love Him and secondly love His Word.

– eab, 11/11/16

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Help me Lord to preach,

Help me Lord to inspire,

Help me Lord to encourage,

Help me Lord to enquire

About their souls, about their life

“How goes the battle? Are you winning the strife?”

– eab, Nov. ‘06

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Advice to a young lady considering

being So-n-So’s girlfriend – does he have a regular job (full or part-time doesn’t matter yet) and does he enjoy seeing things accomplished? How long has he worked there? (How long was he at his last job?) Visit his home if possible and observe how he treats his mother and sister. Do he and his dad have a good companionship or is he embarrassed about one or both parents? Did he offer prayer at the beginning/ending of the date(s)? Is his car/truck at the center of his life? How much does he discuss sports when he’s around his pals? Does he respect his pastor and spiritual subjects?

– eab, 11/11/16

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