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2Pe 3. 3

“Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,”

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C W Ruth quote

“It is not the manifestation we want at all,

it is Him we want.”

– C W Ruth, from his book, BIBLE READINGS

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If science and the Bible disagree (true science never is at odds, though our view may appear so) and you prefer science – – – it is now your god. Much of “science” is the word of man. The Bible is the Word of God. Man is the creature. God is the Creator. Man passes away. God is here to stay. Friend – let your love of Truth inspire you to question anything/everything which is non-Biblical.  

– eab, 11/10/16

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A grand Book


A grand Book lies on my desk,

Waiting to be read.

A God-made soul lies in my breast,

Waiting to be fed.

God, be my light in devotion’s hour,

Your Son for me bled.

Let me anew see Your mighty power,

Reading what You said.

– eab, Nov 2007

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A young buck (my dad’s term) on social media

the other day posted something about not quitting when you’re tired but quitting when the job is done. Fine when you’re 29 or 39. BUT some of you are septuagenarians, or nearly so (I know, I was in school with you. J) so, slow down and DO QUIT when you’re tired. Come back to it after a break or tomorrow. You’ve put in those 12 hr days in youth or middle age. You’ve worked those two or three jobs. God has allowed you to live to this stage of age. Enjoy it. 🙂

– eab, 11/12/16

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