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G God raises them up, God puts them down:

               The monarch, the president, the clown.

O Only One, King of all Kings is He.

             Yet Father, Son, and Spirit are Three

V Victorious in all elections;

             Always right – no recount corrections.

E Environmentalist? God? Be real!

             Sin is TRUE smog; older than the wheel.

R Rules today with His Calvary love;

             Ruling later with iron-fisted glove.

N NOW, abortions, sodomy, have their tone;

     Christ’s Court will send them fire & brimstone!

M Morals count for much in His Judgeship.

             Motives? The heart means more than the lip.

E Economy? Give your ten percent;

             Rest will go farther than ever went.

N No to more welfare. Socialists cheat.

             Christ said if you don’t work, you don’t eat.

T To vote for elephant? Or for mule?

             True peace and wealth is found in God’s rule.

         Let’s Let Him Govern This Christmas and Always

                                The Edgar A. Bryans

*…The GOVERNMENT shall be upon His shoulder…IS 9.6b

– eab, DEC. ‘92

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Psa 19.14

Rejoice with me – a new Bryan has started memorizing Scripture (Lincoln’s grandson, Keith’s son) has memorized Psa 19.14 which reads:

“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight,

O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.”

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Tim Wiford quote

“God allows us to learn

from our hurts.”

– Tim Wiford, sermon, 9/18/09

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Born into Church

Be very wary of joining man’s organizations – the fewer the better – they’ll want your money, time, and loyalty; as a group wanes (all do) they’ll tend to stress loyalty. By blissful contrast, we do not join THE church; we are born into it. (You did not choose your physical family nor – in a sense – did they choose you. But all God’s Children are doubly chosen; Christ chose each (Joh 3.16) and each chose Christ.)

– eab, 12/1/16

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Who? What? Why?

What did the wise men’s star-light show?

When did that star begin to glow?

Where did it point to earth below?


Was He King when He was new born?

Was it late night or early morn?

Why no brass or curly ram’s horn?


Who is this wee, new Jewish Lad?

What? The carpenter’s not His Dad?

Who IS the Father now so glad?


Why were the religionists wrong?

When they had waited oh, so long?

What could this mean for Israel’s throng?


Who is this Who’s crying “out loud”

Why Bethlehem’s huge taxing crowd?

What? This portents Rome’s coming shroud?


Where’s the Lad to see His “first light”

Where? A lone candle in the night?

Why has God allowed “such a sight”?


Who’s Mary carried in her girth?

Who is this King of lowly birth?

Who is here born, devoid of mirth?


What will the next days, months, years bring?

Who will end His life some, sad spring?

Who’s born tonight will end death’s sting?

– eab, 12/3/09

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The person whose head or hand has the Mark, Name or Number of the beast

will be able to buy/sell during the antichrist’s brief reign. Note: a person will not be buying/selling in his OWN name nor will he be buying/selling in Jesus’ name. He’ll be acting with the Mark/Name/Number of the god he’s purposely chosen. God provided a perfect Man/God, God/Man. The world (“sacred” and secular) rejected Him. All who reject Christ and are alive when satan’s man comes, will accept this man-turned-god.

– eab, 12/3/16

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