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Mat 24. 30

“…then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.”

Rev 1. 7 “Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him

>> underlining is eab <<

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L D Wilcox quote

“There is no scripture to support their theory of separation of rapture and revelation…

proponents are mostly Calvinists.”


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Truth vs lies

To be a seeker after truth, If you are honest, If you are consistent, If you live long enough (Get started, Friend.) will lead you to Christ.   To have no interest in truth, i.e. to be satisfied with lies, will cement-you-the-more to the source of lies, satan.

– eab, 12/3/16

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Nineveh [1]

The prophet Jonah tried to stall

(Always heed the Lord’s first call.)

Heathen sailor’s ‘gainst their wish

Pitched him over to the fish.

Nineveh was saved after all! Jon 3.10

– eab, Dec. ‘97

[1] Phillip said he wanted some Christian nursery rhymes and thus started me thinking somewhat along this line.

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How have you glorified the Lord today?

Did you sleeping in or waking earlier glorify Him? Did you eating more or eating a little less glorify Jesus? Did you arriving at work on time and cheerful, or you being late (again) and a touch unpleasant to workers glorify the Maker of men? Did your lunch time or your longer than legal lunch “hour” glorify the King? Did you letting a man onto the main road or you cutting off that “jerk” in traffic glorify God? Did your kind words to your wife (at the door) or your coldness (because of a bad day) glorify the One who made you-two-one?

HOW did you glorify God today?

– eab, 12/4/16

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*Past Poems Celebrating the Birth of Christ*


He Came. With that most of you would agree.

But WHY did He come – well – let me see,

Did He come to start the calendar’s A. D.?

(And get it off that “old-timey” B. C.)?


Or did Jesus come to merely bring down

Pharisee, with his perpetual frown?

Or to make Herod fear for his royal crown

And its accompanying rich, purple gown?


Did Christ come all the way from His Glory,

To make a “riches to rags” story?

Or ride with some salty friends in their dory,

Telling parable and allegory?


Why DID Messiah break into the chain

Of events, so soiled (in the main)?

WHY was He tempted, hurt, betrayed, and then slain?

That we “Do Better” yet, in sin remain?


NO! He came – that dauntless King of all kings,

To do more than heal men (without strings),

More than take out some of life’s small dents & dings

More than all humanitarian things,


He, the eternal SAVIOR, came TO SAVE!

Set us free from the fear of the grave.

The man who once cringed, is made holy and brave;

No more is he to sin and SELF a slave.


Christ broke sin’s fetter, He rose from the sod;

Taking, for us, the punishment rod.

Nor should we, this Christmas think this one bit odd,

Seeing He was ALL man; yet was ALL God!  

– eab, Dec. ‘94

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