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*Past Poems Celebrating the Birth of Christ*


Who was that born in a Bethlehem barn,

Born among burrows and beasts of the field,

Laid on a pillow–best barley could yield?

Is this some over-told tale of the past,

Freighted with elements, known to be yarn?

No, the Messiah came earth-ward at last!


Where was His home on the footstool of God?

Is its locality search’d out with ease?

Dusty street, city name, country too, please.

Ephratah, Judah, hill country of yore,

Precious spot; foremost midst earth’s stony sod.

Christ became Man — Such was never before!


When born? December?!? Traditions decreed!

Doubts by the millions? Tried lore to discard?

(Ask poor philosophers; not poorer bard.)

Matters it greatly what day, or what year?

Roses replaced in the heart, sin’s old weed.

One day or other, our Lord drew men near.


He could have come down, walk’d in His full-size.

No! Babe, then little Boy, later He grew

Into a Teenager–puberty knew;

Even had siblings and step-dad, though mild.

Growing ‘mongst men helped Him win the full-prize;

Purposely, Jesus came weak-as-a-Child.


What’s the result of His holy, short life?

Hospitals, colleges, Homes for poor youth,

Pastors and churches where Gospel is truth.

His one, His holy, one-life is no yarn.

Only eternity will show the strife

Settled forever, by “Bethlehem’s barn.”

– eab, 2000

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Follow Me

Mat 16. 24

“Then said Jesus unto his disciples, ‘If any man will come after me,

let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.’”

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“Every man is called separately and must follow alone.”

– Dietrich Bonhoeffer, from his COST OF DISCIPLESHIP

>> A book WELL worth your reading <<

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If you were satan would YOU ignore the Bible? (One, dumb, rhetorical, question, Eh?) The most powerful Book in the world, belongs to your “enemy” and you ignore It? And the devil has not ignored It. He tried to Burn It. He tried to Ban It. In the last centuries he’s been Battering It but lied saying he was “Bettering” It. His men in “education” have removed a multitude of words (and whole verses). There is but one Classic English Bible, the KJB; satan is out to destroy It. If you doubt this, do the research.

– eab, Dec.’16

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There were three men (or were there five?)

Who at Bethlehem did arrive

Valuable gifts to Him they brought

Kings giving to the King they sought.

They “did their giving while they were alive.”

– eab, Dec. 06

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Divorce in married-life is roughly equal to suicide in physical-life.

They’re both self-inflicted, selfish (one partner for sure, maybe both) and sorrowful events. Sadly suicide is final, there is no repentance, and no resurrection. Gladly for divorce, it is not final, there can be repentance (both parties – if need be), and there can be a resurrection. “My marriage can’t be resurrected!” With an attitude, no, it may never be. If you were the biggest problem in the divorce (“You don’t expect me to admit that do you?”) it will take a big piece of “humble pie” to seek forgiveness. If you were not the biggest problem, it will take a huge heart to forgive. Either way, a marriage CAN be resurrected.

I am the product of my parent’s SECOND marriage.

– eab, 12/10/16

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