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Psa 14. 2 – 3

“The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God.

“They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no not one.”

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“…Home, earth’s only paradise…”

– William Jennings Bryan, from his IN HIS IMAGE

>> My dad thought we were related but I have no proof. <<

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The truths of the great hymns are second only to the Truths of the Bible.

That’s the main reason the devil has worked to lower their usage.

– eab, 11/10/15

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In “fullness of the time,” Paul’s pen

(Whither bird quill, or “whittled” reed)

Accurately scratched on the sheepskin;

God sent His Son for mankind’s need.

Sent Him, Who had agreed to come,

Arriving without trump or drum.


His timing was right, have no doubt,

Though four millennia had fled,

Since Adam and wife were cast out,

(To provide coats, animals bled.)

God made time, so knows its order;

(Though owns time, He is no hoarder.)


The Greeks had spread their language ‘round

The Mediterranean “lake.”

The Romans had made roads abound;

These provisions were no mistake.

His Son’s coming, and His Good News

Could be spread to Gentiles and Jews.


This same Jesus is coming back.

That is truth, the true church has known.

(The world knows “something” big’s on track.)

“Harvest” is coming for sin sown.

Cheating, inflation, wrongs, and war:

For all these, judgment is in store.


A false Christ will also appear.

“He’ll not say, ‘I’m the antichrist.’” [1]

Deception – Christ warned us to fear.

The devil will many souls heist.

False “christians,” he’ll fool by the ton.

(They had rejected the true Son.)


Christ’s coming’s as sure as the first.

He’s coming as King of the world.

Does this truth make you hunger/thirst?

His Victor Flag will be unfurled.

His birth, death, rising, coming reign,

Are welcome to a world – insane.


“Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” [2]

This time also, exactly right.

(Let “prophecy charts” burn, be diced)

Read the Book. See the warning light.

Christ, antichrist, both come apace.

Make sure you KNOW Christ’s Voice and Face.

– eab, 12/12/12

[1] Words (or nearly so) of Steve D Herron from the late 60’s.

[2] Best NT expression about His coming – found four times in Paul.

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People whose god is an idol

(statue, if you prefer) have to: 1) Protect them (in a niche in a building or if outside, with an up-ended-old-bathtub or other roof), 2) Clean them (grim is falling all the time), 3) Paint them (their colors fade), 4) Repair them.

My God protects me, cleans me up, give me joy which shows through in life and is constantly “working on ME” called maturity.

– eab, 11/10/15

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*Past Poems Celebrating the Birth of Christ*

God Revealed Himself

God could have lived a “million miles” away,

Have been there eons–“eons and a day.”

He could have lived, and flourished, permeating space,

Could have gone on, all happy in Himself,

(“Creation” sitting idly on His shelf.)

Would He have still supremely been all God?

ALL GOD He’d been without man or man’s sod.


Or–could’ve made an orphaned human race;

No intervention–oddly out of place–

Afloat upon forsaken seas; a-flound’ring, lost.

He could’ve wound Deistic clocks “and walked.”

He could’ve never signaled, never talked.

And left man seeking something ‘kin to light,

But destined to a Godless, endless night.


Instead, at heightened, priceless, most-rare cost,

God chose His wealth “to tap”? No! To exhaust!

He sent His Only –after mortal men had failed.

Almighty God allowed mere man to see,

His sovereign purpose from eternity.

No man has yet “discovered God” — man’s ill.

His Revelation was His perfect will.


This Christmas revel in Christ, rightly hailed.

Rejoice! God’s Revelation has prevailed.

All glory, honor, grateful praise; Christ has travailed.

A Personal Pentecost is also made

Available through pow’r which cannot fade.

Revealed is God, through Christ. Oh, Joyful thing!

No wonder saints find voice to sing and sing!

– eab, Dec. ‘02

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