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*Past Poems Celebrating the Birth of Christ*


The country is small

By the standards of Asia

Upon whose fringe it stands

               Small is the village

               In comparison to towns

               On yonder hills and strands

The inn appears small

Or was it all booked before

For folks from other lands

               Small was the offer

               (Of a stable none-the-less)

               But better than mere sands

A small new Baby

Was laid in a herd’s manger

By young and tender hands.


But the smallness of country

And the littleness of the town

And the over-filled small inn

(Upon which moderns all frown)


Held the Largest of presents

The highest King of all kings

The great Son of Greatest God

Creator of cherub wings.


A manger for some old cows

Held the Creator of all

The Awesome Messiah came

Down to a donkey’s small stall


Christmas then is a mixture

Of tiny and gigantic

Don’t let the smallness of gift

Make you the least bit frantic.


Christ came in a small Package.

He could have come fully-grown

Have sauntered into Nazareth

Birth and childhood all unknown


But Heaven knows how to do

Right in the very right way

Should Christ appear a grown man?

Perfect wisdom said, “Nay.”


From the largeness of a heart

May come a gift thought quite small

Long-range evaluation

May show it the best of all.

– eab, 2005

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Rom 13. 7 – 8b

“Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor.

“Owe no man any thing, but to love one another…”

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“There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no independency quite so important,

as living within your means.”

– Calvin Coolidge (exact source unknown to eab)

   >> Friend, for your good, cut back spending and get out of debt. <<

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Adam – “ADAM”

There has never been a closer fellowship of Man with God, on earth than the two Adams. One was flesh, fresh from the fingertips of God – the Other was/is God in the flesh (freshly on earth but eternally existent). Sadly, the first Adam caused man to fall. Gladly, the last Adam (1Co 15.45) raised us from our fall; Coming, Living, Dying, Resurrecting for us all.

– eab, 12/15/16

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Glenna desires an Alaskan trip,

Donna, she, wants cash,

Kevin and Darnell from what I can tell,

Want June to come in a dash.


William wants an old flivver to drive.

A horse would suit Carol fine.

Micah’s so hard to please, like the Chinese,

He probably wants a gold mine.


Gary, he wants a motorcycle.

Garyl’d like a week to doze.

Gale’s so fond of the track the train ran on.

He’d like ten railroad ties – “froze.”


Sheila’d like once, to be left un-teased.

Anita’d like some “good grades”.

While Andrew I think, would like eight more mink,

And foxes of both the shades.


Amy J. would like an eight by ten.

Penny H. wants a nickel.

Amy R.’s walks, have created such talks,

She wants a fast bicycle.


Smith wants a nice biology grade.

Cathy’d like to learn grammar.

And what does the Squaw, desire most of all?

Piles of pizza pie, for her.


Lincoln desires a back pack and frame.

A wood chess-set for Mardell.

The college men’s wives, lead such slaving lives,

What they want they fear to tell.

– eab, Dec  ‘81

[1] Written for the students of Christ College and Academy.

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God inspired New Testament writers to record

who was king (Mat 2.1) and who was emperor and governor (Luk 2.1-2) thus giving us a general time-window. When exactly was Christ born? No one knows. Period. God did not inspire the recording of a month nor a day. As believers we know He WAS born; that is terribly important. His was the greatest birth known to earth but the actual date is a mystery and therefore was not important enough for God to make it clear to us.

His birth is similar to His next coming “…ye know neither the day nor the hour…” (Mat 25.13).

– eab, Nov 2014

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