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Psa 24. 1 – 2

“The earth is the LORD’S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.

“For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods.”

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“The will of God will never lead you

where the grace of God cannot keep you.”

– Attorney David Gibb’s Mother said this to him.

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HEADS UP. Lord willing, I’ll be posting a newsletter next week (probably in two-three parts) marked “Bryan 16 Letter.” And our 2016 poem “Live for the Savior” as a third post. Please feel free to print a copy if you like. At the height of our physical mail/sticky stamp Christmas-card-days we mailed 300-400 cards/letters. Later I moved to emailing many. Now with many friends on social media, I’ll feel free to send our Greetings electronically. Hope it will be a small blessing here and there. Merry Christmas. P.S. We still snail mail 70 plus.

– eab, 12/17/16

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Daily Bread


Do not pray for a month’s supply,

Nor to have enough “till you die.”

Pray daily for your daily bread;

That’s what our Lord said.

– eab, 12/17/09

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Years ago (don’t know starting date) hollywood linked-arms

with “science” and began producing visual “science-fiction.” Seems a gullible public loves to see itself on imaginary “ships” crossing boundless (no roads, no rules) “space.” (Happy to say they’ve not got one eab dime.) Throw in a love scene, violence (have to have violence) and people (sheeple) flock to escape their shallow, real lives. The sci-fi (a broader application than many think) “artists” are spinning thinner and thinner tales, seeing just how much they can make the public believe.

Follower of Christ, don’t accept the images of satan’s sci-fi world.

-eab, 12/17/16

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*Past Poems Celebrating the Birth of Christ*

Committed, He came from the realm of great grace.

Committed, descended, to earth’s meanest place.

Committed, He took on man’s body, man’s face.

Thank God for Christ’s birth, everyday.


Committed, returned from His temple-time talk.

Committed, returned to a carpenter’s “walk.”

Committed to “parent’s” control – with no balk.

Thank God for Christ’s childhood and play.


Committed, selected twelve men from the crowd.

Committed He taught them to never be proud.

Committed, He raised more than one from the shroud.

Thank God for Christ’s teaching-time stay.


Committed, He would not redemption abort.

Committed, He silently stood in the court.

Committed – disciples reneged their support.

Thank God Christ held satan “at bay.”


Committed, He hung on a rough wooden frame.

Committed, redeemed one hung near Him, the same

Committed, died bearing earth’s sorrow and shame.

Thank God Christ freed all who obey.


Committed, He rose from His new-borrowed grave

Committed was He – now to death we’re no slave

Committed like Father, He too freely gave

– Commit to Him Friend, while you may.

– eab, 2007

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