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Mat 1. 18

“Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost.”

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“This world is like a highway on which are two groups… some glad and some sad…

Some are going home and others into exile.”

– Samuel Coleridge, (exact source is unknown to eab)

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A man of even low intelligence wants to AVOID hell – it IS a smart thing to do. A man with perhaps less, equal, or more intelligence than the above but with a much greater Spiritual insight wants to GO to heaven. Avoiding is negative, of course. Wanting to go is positive. Heaven is not for hell avoiders – it’s for those who Love God and therefore want to “spend” eternity with Him.

Dec. 2016

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Be dead to thyself and to thy kind,

Be dead to this place called earth.

Be dead to its drink and food so fine,

Be dead to its sorrows and mirth.

Be dead to earth’s banks with their borrowed loans,

Be dead to the flash of gold.

Be dead to the wide range of entertainment,

Be dead to its tales thrice told.

Be dead to big houses and lands, yea dead to tents as well.

Be dead to the call of fleshly sins as Adam and Eve once fell.

Be dead to the titles of “doctor” and “sir,”

Be dead to awards from the rich.

Be dead to the pride such allurements bestir,

Be dead to their wild sale’s pitch.

And when you have died – “died out” to it all,

Died out to the crest and the trough,

Died out to fame’s loss – to its rise and fall,

Died out to all touched by moth,

Know that truth still lives and reigns,

Over all that men know false and fake,

And do all you do,

When out-of-view;

Do it all, for Jesus’ sake.

– eab, Dec 2007

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Without putting the least approval on church splits or weird theology

allow me to say this. One (or more) supposedly homogenous religions have criticized the idea of there being many different “protestant” (their word, not mine) groups. Have they not opened their eyes? Can they not see God has billions of individuals on earth? God loves individuality! Let’s “allow” God to sort out the variety of church organizations. He can and He will in His time. It doesn’t, nor will it, strain Him in the least. (A few from this eccentric group and a few from that odd crowd may be in heaven;

they were looking beyond it to The Christ. Praise God.)

– eab, 12/17/16

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*Past Poems Celebrating the Birth of Christ*

Like him, we “Give”

The voice of God walked in the garden,

Does that imply He has toes?

Sacrifices brought a sweet odor

Does that mean God has a nose?


It sounds like He has a mouth, an eye,

Maybe even has a hand.

Anthropomorphism does abound,

Some struggle to understand.


These body parts are merely emblems.

God IS Spirit – Was – will Be!

But made “in His image” is still real,

In ways no man’s eye can see.


We’re made “Creative” like our Maker.

We’re like Him in loving “Truth.”

We appreciate realms of “Beauty,”

More real than ear, foot or tooth.


What does this have to do with Christmas;

That God/man share “Mercy,” Love,”

That God gave man “Imagination,”

Other “Bits” of the Above?


This time of year we think of His Son,

Given as a priceless Gift.

We’re made also to enjoy “Giving.”

It brings a blest, inward lift.


God – help us to be like You, year-round,

Sharing Your “Love” here below,

And when we’ve given to You and men,

May we upward finally go.

– eab,    12/11/2008

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